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Arvee Robinson

arvee-200x300I started working with Eric Lofholm in November of 2005. At the time I was generating about $4,000 per month in my business. I was uncomfortable with sales. I did not have a good sales strategy in place. I signed up for virtually every program Eric offers. Eric helped me develop a sales strategy for my public speaking training business. This included developing several new products. By implementing Eric’s ideas I have grown my business 4x! I am now earning a great income making a difference in the lives of others that want to do public speaking. I enthusiastically recommend Eric and his programs.

Mandy Pratt

12659682_183195215376666_1265618998_nMandy Pratt started working with Eric Lofholm in the early 2000’s.  She had never been professionally trained in sales before.  Mandy applied Eric’s system to her sales and quickly became a top producer on her team.  She then took her skills to start her own coach training company.

Kevin Hudoba

12660235_183198165376371_2029940090_nKevin Hudoba become a client of Eric Lofholm’s in December of 2014.  In Kevin’s first year as a client he was able to take his already successful real estate business to another level!  Here is a video of Kevin sharing about his experience in his own words.

Alex Branning

I have had so much success working with Eric Lofholm, it’s hard to narrow down what part of his program has been the most impactful.

I started working with Eric on a one-on-one basis, and he encouraged me to hire my first salesperson. I now have a multi-level sales team that is producing five figures per month in new revenue! Eric took me from a novice salesperson to a sales manager!

I am a part of his Guaranteed Results program, and the regular accountability has been a huge driver of my success. I have enrolled my entire sales team in his program and it is so fun to see them grow!

Eric has, without a doubt, changed my business for the better.