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Experts on Eric Lofholm

“Eric Lofholm is the leading sales trainer of his generation!”
– Les Brown

“Eric Lofholm is the real thing. His wisdom as a sales trainer stems from his success as a salesperson. No theory…just sold sales advice that’s been proven to work.”
– Tom Hopkins

“Eric Lofholm has great ideas to help businesses increase sales.”
– Rick Barry, NBA Hall of Fame

dc-cordova“I have met many masters-Eric Lofholm is definitely one of the greatest sales systems and sales training masters!”
– DC Cordova

“Eric Lofholm is my #1 student when it comes to sales training.”
– Dr Donald Moine

“Eric Lofholm is an outstanding sales trainer!”
– Michael Gerber, Author of The E-Myth

“Eric Lofholm is the Og Mandino of our age! The leading trainer on sales and closing globally!”
– Berny Dohrmann, Chairman CEO Space

ben-gay“Eric Lofholm is an outstanding sales trainer!”
– Ben Gay, Author of The Closers Part 2

wf8hq40rwpb44aezwxx01c5224i103“As President-Elect/Program Chair for the Solano Association of REALTORS, it was important to me for our first weekly marketing meeting of the new year to be energetic and dynamic. On an associate’s recommendation, I invited Eric Lofholm to be our speaker. Wow, we were not disappointed! Eric’s enthusiasm, positive energy and engagingly relevant presentation had the rapt attention of the nearly 100 members in attendance. I would wholeheartedly recommend Eric as your next speaker!
Thanks again Eric! I do plan to try your direct Facebook message tip since it’s probably the most outside-my-box suggestion that resonated with me personally (and scares the you-know-what out of me as well).

You’re awesome!”

-Johnny Walker 2017 President-Elect,Solano Association of REALTORS